Thursday, June 1, 2017

Joanna Keller Beautique

"We try to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak."

A week ago today, I got my lashes done at Joanna Keller Beautique. This little hidden gem is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Gastown, Vancouver. 

The main area where all the magic happens has this very cool mural of woman on the wall. Whoever made it, *hands down*.

I love long lashes and I totally agree that lashes make everything better. If you've known me for a while, you can count with your fingers how many times you've seen me without falsies or eyelash extensions. My lashes are pretty decent in terms of length, but no matter how many times I curl them, they don't curled as much as I want to and they are not as full as having falsies or extensions. So when Joanna asked if I want to get my lashes done by one of her techs, I said "of course!" I've known Joanna for a few years now and it was love at first sight. I swear Joanna and her team are one of the best lash techs in town. 

Here is Lexi working her magic on me.

Lexi is very professional, super sweet and funny. And to boot, she also has an amazing fashion style. Just look at that hair. So pretty!

Lying down in the same position for 2.5 hours was not easy, but Lexi made it comfortable for me. Her hands were very light, I didn't even feel anything. She glued from 2-10 tiny fans on each of my natural lashes, (this service is called Megavolume full set), using 0.03 mm C curls, length from 9mm - 13mm. Crazy right?! But hey my lashes look fabulous!!! I've been singing "I woke up like this" every single day since (no joke!). It makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. I can sleep in a little, because I don't need to do my lashes. Heck, I don't even need makeup!

At the end of my appointment, Lexi gave me a mascara wand applicator to take home. I use it to brush my lashes.

Look at those lashes! I am so in love! And will definitely come back to get a refill or get them done again in the future. So if you are thinking of getting beautiful eyelash extensions like mine, you have to go see Lexi or any of the lash techs from Joanna Keller Beautique. And make sure you mention I sent you. :)

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare:
  • Do not get them wet for the first 24 hours. If you can go longer even better.
  • Avoid humid environments like steam rooms and saunas for at least 2 days.
  • Do not pull lashes or rub eyes.
  • Do not curl them.
  • Do not use oil-based makeup or makeup remover.
  • Proper hygiene is very important. Wash them regularly after the first 24 hours. Let them air dry or you can also blowdry them with the cool and lowest setting.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face and try sleeping on your back.


  1. This place looks sooooo cute! Has this vintage bombshell feel to it. I wanna get my lashes done again this summer and yours looks long and thick..just how I like it. Thanks for recommending!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! i love them!!! So obsessed!

  2. Wow! Your eyelashes look absolutely stunning! Lexi surely did her magic on you! I've never had eyelash extensions done before, but if I will, I'll definitely consider this place! I also love their interior design - so trendy and Gastown-like! <3

    Sabina | I've Got Sunshine

  3. Your outfits look great on you! Loving this whole look!!!! Edward Gelber, Child Psychiatrist

  4. Your lashes look so bomb ! After seeing them I really want to get mine done now. Thanks for sharing your review.

  5. Your lashes look so bomb ! After seeing them I really want to get mine done now. Thanks for sharing your review.


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