Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend getaway on Victoria Island

"You who lift a penny, from the gutter, & with the same hand, point out stars, find me."
- Carla Funk,Victoria's first poet laureate

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to Victoria Island, BC to meet up with his parents that are visiting from the Carribean. Victoria Island is beautiful. Fresh air, art and amazing architecture, lovely people and so much more.

We took the BC Ferries from Tssawwassen, BC. Fares are $16.90/person plus $55.40 for the vehicle. It was an hour and a half ferry ride. It felt shorter because we were taking pictures and had a quick bite in the ferry. There are also shops that you can get some souvenirs, gifts or something for yourself.

Behind me is one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Victoria, The Fairmont Empress or The Empress. This hotel is facing the harbour, the Empress has become an iconic symbol for the city itself. We didn't stay in this hotel, but we had a free place to stay which was really close to it. Free is always better anyways. Lol!

The Empress during the day.

And here it is at night.  

Another historical building that I fell in love with is The Parliament Building. :x It is diagonally across The Empress and also facing the harbour. A statue of Queen Victoria is standing in the front lawn of the building, which we forgot to take a photo of. Fail! #-o

Look at that structure! Isn't beautiful?! 8->

The Parliament at night. Breathtaking...

Went for a run on Sunday morning and this was our view. :) It was a little gloomy, but still really warm.

After going for a run, we decided to go for a drive and checked out the houses by the water. We also found this little gem of coffee shops/bakeries called Pure Vanilla Bakery & Cafe. Coffee and pastries were delicious! We sat in the patio at the back and enjoyed our cafe mocha and pastries. I will definitely come back and highly recommend this place to everyone.

Spinach croissant

Almond blueberry cake

For our last day we had lunch at this vegetarian restaurant called Rebar. I am not a vegetarian, but I really liked the food here. I had the Spicy Peanut Noodle Bowl (carrot, onion, sweet pepper, scallion, asian greens, cilantro and thai basil with spicy peanut sauce and fresh noodles finished with lime and crushed peanuts). Sounds yummy right?!

While my boyfriend had the Mushroom & Swiss Almond Burger (almond-vegetable patty, grilled and served on a multi grain bun with grilled onions and mushrooms, swiss cheese, horseradish mayo, lettuce and dill pickle slice. Served with potato wedges).

So that was the summary of our mini vacay on the island. If you are visiting Vancouver, I highly recommend checking out Victoria Island too. Or even if you just want to get away from the city and have a mini vacay like us, Victoria Island is the perfect place for you.

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Photographer: Ben Stutterheim

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