Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter is Coming

Where are your thoughts going? That is where your life will soon be. - Ralph Marston 

This quote reminds me of what my grandma always used to tell us. "Whatever comes out of your lips is what's going to happen in your life." That made me try to be always optimistic. Thanks Lola! :) (for those of you who don't know what Lola is, it means Grandma in Tagalog)

 I hope you are all having a good Autumn season so far. It's been really cold here in Vancouver. Brrr... Layer, layer and more layers! For layering tips check out my Blogiversary post. :)

So here was my outfit when I went for dim sum with friends last Sunday. I layered my tunic top with a furry sweater to give it more of an edgy look. Tunic tops can be a versatile piece of clothing if paired correctly. It's one of those friendly pieces that take your style from fall straight to summer. I like the fabric most tunic tops are made of, because they are very comfy and breathable. Although I was freezing, I had to take off my jacket to show all of you the details. Things bloggers do. :)) Just a little tip if you want to rock a tunic top, pair it with a slimmer or slender bottom (skinny jeans, straight cut pants or leggings). DO NOT wear it with skirt. :) 

I'm also wearing my new Luminous Necklace set from Pretty Girl Swag. Oh my gawd, I love it! :x This set is extremely elegant and pretty. The best part is - it's affordable! Don't forget to use code "AMAL" for 15% off your purchase! ;)

By the way did you guys notice that my hair is back to black?! If not, now you do. :P Thank you for stopping by! :-*


Luminous Necklace Set from Pretty Girl Swag 
+ShoeDazzle Thigh High Boots Similar 
Furry Crop Sweater from +H&M Similar 
+H&M Tunic top Similar 
Sunglasses from +Coach Here 
Distressed Mid-Rise Jeans from Mexico Similar 


  1. very pretty look! love the sweater!

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    1. Thank you babe!

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