Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday - Trip to San Francisco

Hi love bugs!!! Just wanted to share some of the photos from my trip to San Francisco. It's a beautiful and very clean city. A little windy and expensive. :)) What really caught my attention is their architectural buildings. San Francisco is known worldwide for its particularly eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture (Thank you Wiki!) :> Frisco is very similar to Vancouver, BC. Really good seafood! =P~ Will I come back? Maybe. But not too soon. :)

Love you guys! Thanks for the continuous support! :x

Finally met up with one of my high school best friends Angela. After 13 years! That was a long time!

Posing with my awesome cousin Jayr B-)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Normal is Boring

"Normal is boring."

If you're always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. So go ahead be unique, don't blend in, stand out and be confident about it. ;)

My day full of love with my beautiful ladies at the Caribbean Fest! We had  lots of food (excuse for my bloated tummy :)) ), took photos, met new people, talked and laugh. Oh I love my ladies so much! They help me see the comedy in my drama. :))

Thank you lovers for stopping by! See you again soon. :-*

From left to right AmandaLeeanzaMelanieyours truly and Alexis. ❤️

My awesome friend and photographer Kathy. :x


Sunglasses from Coach
Normal is boring crop top from Forever 21
Green crop top Forever 21
Knit Bodycon Skirt Forever 21
Creative Rebellion Heels Lola Shoetique

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jealous Body Scrub

My new addiction - Jealous Body Scrub ;;)

I've tried a few body scrubs. All of them smell the same..... like flowers or whatever perfume they put in it with little beads. However Jealous Body Scrub is beyond extraordinary. I received the package on a Friday and the next day I had to try it right away. I was not disappointed! A little messy in the shower. But hey, now I have the softest skin ever!!! Even my friends noticed how smooth my skin is. :D I also don't break out as much and I have glowing skin. :"> I was gonna have a facial before I started using Jealous Body Scrub, but now I don't need it anymore. I use it twice a week and let it soak for 7-10 minutes. Their promise - "Say Goodbye to rough skin, cellulite (crossing fingers [-O< ), eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis and acne!" Definitely worth a try and since all the ingredients are natural there's nothing to be scared about. Who doesn't love the smell of coffee?! The next morning my boyfriend could still smell it on my skin, thinking I was a fresh cup of coffee! ;)) A bag only costs $17.95. They ship worldwide! Free shipping to Canada and USA. :> Check their Instagram to see more reviews from other people.

Yes I know... I look creepy! :|

Sorry I took this photo after I got messy with it. :)) Get yours now! I promise you won't regret it. :) Thanks for stopping by love bugs! :x