Sunday, June 15, 2014

His and Hers

"It's not about having the perfect relationship, it's about finding someone who matches you and will go through everything without giving up."

These photos pretty much sum up our relationship. LOL! We fight. We cuss. We kiss. We hug. We text. We talk. We argue. We laugh. We smile. We love. That's just us. :"> Again We Fight. =))

So, we found our his and hers Homer Simpsons Converse at the Outlet in Las Vegas. We got them for $30/pair. Good deal huh... ;) I believe they are $37 to $65 outside the outlet. Still not bad. The Simpsons x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Collection were released exactly a year ago. I won't lie, they are not the comfiest shoes ever. :)>- Especially if you have flat feet. lol You'll probably need extra soles for support. But other than that, they are still awesome!

Have a great start of the week! :x


  1. Ha! Very fun and those shoes are super cute!

    xo, N

    1. Awww. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by beautiful ♥


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