Monday, May 26, 2014

Red Ombre

After almost 8 years of not getting my hair done. 

Oh yes I did! ♥

I am so in love with my red ombre! Thanks to the very talented Ashley!

I used to get my hair done all the time. But when I moved here in Canada I didn't know where to go. I tried this salon close by to where I used to work. And I am still regretting that day. They cut my hair really short and damaged it. My hair was fried!!! What a horrible experience! Wasted half of my day and $$$! Plus I didn't understand what they were saying. (they were talking in their own language. How professional?!) lol After that I'd never want to set foot into another salon.

For my dirty thirty I wanted something different. Time for a little change. Nothing too crazy. Especially we have a strict dress code at work. So I went with the red ombre. It's very pretty without going over the top. And it makes my black hair look stylish! I asked around how much it will cost me to get it done. Some gave me ridiculous prices. I know I have a lot of hair, but please don't overcharge me. Haha! To cut my story short, I went with Ashley @ Suki's. She did an awesome job with my hair. =D> She's very friendly and professional. I was a little nervous at first, but she made me comfortable. And after seeing the result ♥♥♥. My hair feels soft and healthy. Of course I know it's my responsibility to take care of it after the process. Suki's is a well-known salon here in Vancouver. They have a good reputation. As their logo says "We craft confidence" and yes I agree. :) It's a very nice salon that it will make you think it's very expensive, but trust me it's way cheaper compared to any other places. So if you live in Vancouver (or even just visiting) and need to get your hair done, make sure you go to Suki's at Kitsilano and ask for Ashley. I promise that you won't regret it. Oh and make sure you tell them I sent you for referral discount. ;) Much love! 

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