Monday, November 25, 2013

My review about Iman Chic Boutik

I got this blazer and the skirt from Iman Chic (website)
PROS: The person I was dealing with was pretty nice. I got replies within the same day or 2 days at the latest.

CONS:  I asked for their size chart and according to the size chart, small is size 32. But when I received my blazer it says 36. (See photo below)
Customer service said they were out of stock for small blazer and skirt. I was promised it will take 14 days for these items to be made and shipped to me. Apparently, it was holiday where the skirt was being made that's why it took forever. I ordered October 4th, they received my payment October 7th, they shipped it on November 1st. Delivered on November 6th. They also updated the tracking # for it and didn't let me know until November 5th. I kept checking the old tracking #. According to the person I was dealing with he/she has been sick and there was a flood in the area, all their post offices were closed. Cause of more delays.
Person I was talking to sent me a wrong e-mail by mistake... Hmm.... Mixing up with customers/designers... Kinda concerning with privacy.
I was also promised that she will send me some free stuff for compensation with the delay for my order. But there was nothing in the package except for the skirt and blazer. Packaging wasn't nice too. It was in a plastic bag.
They got my address wrong. I received an e-mail saying, USPS keeps denying the package because address is invalid.
They promised me 40% discount code for my next purchase. So for curiosity's sake I checked their website and entered the code I was given. They are only giving me 30%.
The skirt doesn't have any information for materials used or if you can wash it or dry clean only.
Blazer has a hole!!! Only single stitching. Please see photos below.

I obviously didn't have the great experience with this company. Lol! But I hope they do better for their other clients. My apology if the owner will get offended with this review. But I'm just sharing my honest opinion and what I have experienced.

Thanks for the time visiting my blog! xoxo And sorry for the messy bed! haha!

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